Slappers, Bangers & Certified Twangers, Vol. 1 - American Aquarium

Slappers, Bangers & Certified Twangers, Vol. 1

American Aquarium

  • Genre : Country
  • Release Date : 1970-01-01
  • Content Advisory :
  • Country : USA
  • Track : 10

  • ℗ 2021 Losing Side Records marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers


Title Artist Time
1 Queen of My Double Wide Trailer American Aquarium 3:43 Download Play Now
2 Some Girls Do American Aquarium 3:21 Download Play Now
3 I Try to Think About Elvis American Aquarium 2:50 Download Play Now
4 She's in Love with the Boy American Aquarium 4:22 Download Play Now
5 John Deere Green American Aquarium 4:32 Download Play Now
6 Wild One American Aquarium 2:50 Download Play Now
7 Lost and Found American Aquarium 4:20 Download Play Now
8 Down at the Twist and Shout American Aquarium 3:34 Download Play Now
9 Heads Carolina, Tails California American Aquarium 3:32 Download Play Now
10 Should've Been a Cowboy American Aquarium 3:30 Download Play Now

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  • This is the real deal.

    By photoman4
    I heard of Americain Aquarium before but never listened to them. I heard Down At The Twist and Shout. Liked it and listened to the whole album. To make a good cover album you need to respect the artist that first had a hit with it or recorded it first. A.A. did their homework. They come out swinging and never let up. If you are of age when these where hits you know the tune well. They do not attempt to invent the wheel here. They are paying homage to the tunes of their youth. I have played this album many times.Even listen to the originals. A.A. does them proud. Blast it. You'll love it.
  • Coming Soon - Volume 2: Insurrection Fever

    By Cookie Monster Groupie
    1. Second Amendment Sexy 2. The Blunder Rolls 3. God Blessed Texas, (Then Froze It Over) 4. Hot for Tucker (feat. Morgan Wallen) 5. Nanoparticles in My Vaccine 6. Anticipation (Assault-Rifle Background Check Blues) 7. Rumor Has it (Play it backwards for a message from Q.) 8. All Lives Matter / Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares 9. Check Yes or No: Had You Had Your Vaccine? 10. Where The Green Grass Grows…Hey, Get Off My Lawn! 11. Momma's in Heaven and Daddy's on a Ventilator 12. (Your PhD) That Don’t Impress Me Much
  • The 90s called and I’m here for it

    By hannaweaver
    This is just a fun album! We are living in 2021 where Fanny packs, thin sunglasses, butterfly clips, wide leg jeans, and most importantly MULLETS are coming back, so honestly there is no better time for an album like this. The 1 star reviews are clearly from some wet blankets who don’t enjoy a little nostalgia every now and then.
  • Why?

    By Drew617
    Those songs were terrible the first time. Why would anyone remake them?
  • Summer Playlist Complete

    By PearlsnapCMO
    I didn’t know I needed this for summer until it surprised dropped. I love the new take on the old classics. This music needs the windows rolled down as you jam out on your way to tube the river.
  • You Need This

    By B-rett
    If you grew up in the south in the 90s, and cared at all about country music, you need this.
  • Just what the doctor ordered!

    By CaptainMichael87
    The album that I did not know was coming or that I needed, but this album is the cure for the pandemic blues. 90s Country formed me; I grew up on it. Recently, I have rediscovered the joys of “John Deere Green” and “Queen of My Double Wide Trailer” and others. BJ and the gang did these classics justice, and I dare you to listen to this record and not smile. It is OKAY to have FUN! I cannot wait for Volume Two.
  • Pure Awesomeness!

    By Bradt42
    I love American Aquarium so it was an easy decision to purchase but once I bought it, it’s better than I imagined. If you were alive in the 90’s and listened to country you will be highly entertained.