Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs - Marty Robbins

Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs

Marty Robbins

  • Genre : Country
  • Release Date : 1970-01-01
  • Content Advisory :
  • Country : USA
  • Track : 15

  • ℗ Originally Released 1958, 1959, 1960, (P) 1999 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT


Title Artist Time
1 Big Iron Marty Robbins 3:55 Download Play Now
2 A Hundred and Sixty Acres Marty Robbins 1:40 Download Play Now
3 They're Hanging Me Tonight Marty Robbins 3:04 Download Play Now
4 Cool Water Marty Robbins 3:09 Download Play Now
5 Billy the Kid Marty Robbins 2:19 Download Play Now
6 Utah Carol Marty Robbins 3:13 Download Play Now
7 The Strawberry Roan Marty Robbins 3:23 Download Play Now
8 The Master's Call Marty Robbins 3:05 Download Play Now
9 Running Gun Marty Robbins 2:10 Download Play Now
10 El Paso Marty Robbins 4:19 Download Play Now
11 In the Valley Marty Robbins 1:48 Download Play Now
12 The Little Green Valley Marty Robbins 2:26 Download Play Now
13 The Hanging Tree Marty Robbins 2:50 Download Play Now
14 Saddle Tramp Marty Robbins 2:03 Download Play Now
15 El Paso Marty Robbins 4:38 Download Play Now

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  • Greatest American folk album

    By Donette420
    Enough said
  • Amazing

    By LilRiceCrisp
    The fact that I’m 13 and just now hearing about this album, well it personally offends me.
  • The Gunfighter

    By el gunfighter
    My Mom and Pop loved Marty Robbins voice, and had this album. I remember listening to this record over and over again growing up, as I loved westerns, especially Clint Eastwood westerns. So much so, I had to buy a single action six shooter years later, and practice fast draw, twirling it back in the holster, and “fanning the hammer” style shooting. I became quite good at it, I have to say. The imagery the songs on this album portrays maybe are romanticised a bit, compared to what the old west was really like, but that didn’t matter to a kid growing up in the mid 20th century! What mattered was Marty sang about good triumphs over evil, (Big Iron, The Masters Call), tragic love (El Paso, Running Gun), and a host of old western songs (Cool Water, The Strawberry Roan, Little Green Valley), and conjured imagery of the old west in the vivid young mind of a kid growing up in New Haven, Indiana! RIP Marty! You brought me a lot of joy and happiness growing up!
  • Buy now

    By dwarftaco
  • Momma

    My Momma was raised on a Ranch. She rode along side her brothers, when working the cattle. She sang some of these ballads to us kids and grandkids. Long since gone, but not the memories of my Momma singing these songs. This Album gives me such peace and the beautiful times together, a long time ago. Thank you.
  • Because NV hasent played it enough

    By ThisGuy360
    When fallout new vegas isent punishing you enough with big iron so you come and punish yourself with the great song itself outside the game
  • Amazing Album

    By -Flying Gorilla
    This will always be one of my favorite albums.
  • I remember this when I was a kid.

    By stan_1978
    My grandma and her friend used to drive the logging roads out of Chehailis and Pe Ell Washington. It went great with the scenery of Washington.